about Suprabha Seshan

Suprabha Seshan


Suprabha Seshan is an ecologist and educator at the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary situated in the last remnants of the Indian rainforest in Kerala. They find, protect and grow the most horticulturally challenging and endangered plant-species.

Suprabha is the spokesperson of the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary and has received the 2006  Whitley Award (UK’s top environmental prize) and currently Whitley Continuation Funding, which is extended to award winners, for their remarkable work.



Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary: http://gbsanctuary.org

An interview with Chris Lydon, Radio Open Source

Know Your Trees Better
(A review of Pradip Krishen’s Trees of Delhi)

Tower Lessons

Mimicking Nature at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

Conservation of orchids: PDF

National Parks: ecologies in collision

Snow, Dykes and Scottish Pines: Vignettes from the Diary of a Climate Change Tourist

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