about Shibumifriends


Support GBS? Your financial contribution endorses the urgency of protecting the last of India’s plant diversity. 1000 persons that support €30 each year would support many hundreds of species, complex habitats and environments in peril.

Stichting Shibumi Friends International is a Dutch supportgroup aimed at Indian initiatives in biodiversity and education. Shibumi is run by volunteers only.


Shibumi Friends International

Frambozenstraat 7



email: shibumifriends//at//gmail//dot//com

Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary: http://gbsanctuary.org

Current members Shibumi:

Maryan Klomp: Chairperson at Shibimifriends.

Maria Blaisse: Researching designer on the form- and movement potential of natural materials, aligning the form with nature, music, dance and science. To finally be able to design in the most economical and dynamic way. She shares her way of working in projects on “material, form and  movement” at international universities/academies.

Mans Lanting: Senior Consultant Sustainable Agricultural (chain) Development.
Theun Karelse: Artist, member of FoAM a decentralized cultural laboratory working at the interstices of art, nature, science and everyday life.

Cocky Eek: Artist, designer, founding-member or FoAM, head of Tactile Research lab at the ArtScience interfaculty in the Hague.

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